Pilot courses

If you would like to be a pilot, you can make your dreams come true with us! After 45 flying hours and some theoretical lessons you can take the exam and get your pilot licence. It takes about only 3 months, depending on your free time and the weather conditions, of course. It costs HUF 1.5Million. Besides, you can also get here other licences: parachuting and hang-gliding on a price of HUF 300.000 and 285.000. The prices contain the costs of the medical examination, the theoretical lessons and the syllabus, too.

Your interest is welcome!


Approach chart

Airport chart

Reference point: N 47°35'1,2” E 016°50'41,7"

Runway: 16/34 985x23m aszfalt

Frequency: 118,925 MHz Fertoszentmiklós Info