About us

Our history
The Airport of Fertõszentmiklós was built in 1997, and since that time it’s open and ready to receive international traffic. Thanks to the nearness to the Austrian border, many german and austrian tourists come to visit us.
We are waiting for your visit with several programms: flying trips, taxi flights, pilot courses, parachuting, taking air photos as well as charter flights to Croatia or to Germany.
The airport can receive only smaller airplanes (L410, Cessna 421, AN-2 for example or smaller) in domestic and international traffic, too.
The runway is almost 1000m long and 23m wide.
We have three hangars with an area of 2000sqm.

You can find our airport easily: if you come from Sopron on the route 85, you’ll find it on the right side before reaching Fertõszentmiklós. You can also rent a car here.

Technical data:
Reference point : N 47°35’1,2” E 016°50’41,7″
Runway: 16/34 985x23m asphalt
Frequency: 118,925 MHz Fertõszentmiklós Info

Opening hours (in local time) :
all days from 8am to sunset.


Approach chart

Airport chart

Reference point: N 47°35'1,2” E 016°50'41,7"

Runway: 16/34 985x23m aszfalt

Frequency: 118,925 MHz Fertoszentmiklós Info